Sunday, February 28, 2010

Who would have "thunk" it?

Never in a million years would I have thought that I would have a blog outside of my family blog.  Who would want to listen to me? ....not my kids =)

But like the movie "Jule and Julia", I suppose if you write something, they will come......

I consider myself a crafty person.  So I hope, as I go on with this blog, that I will at least entertain and possibly eventually encourage those moms with too many kids running around, that they can be creative too.  Don't we all strive to be ourselves and not just mom?

So, the person that inspired me to hedge forward is  my cousin.  Another VERY creative person and I'd have to say the innovative one.  She and a friend created their own business:  Ta-Da Creative Studios.  Recently she added a FACEBOOK page - (go be her fan) - and I realized that she was seeking Design Team members.  Since I have so much time on my hands, I decided to drop everything and create some pages to compete.

Normally, I am a more efficient scrapper.  This means I slap as many pictures as I can on a page (heck - I have four kids) and embellish where I can.  Don't get me wrong, the pages are cute, too, but not fancy by any means.  However, in the back of my scrapbooking mind, I am VERY capable of producing quality over 'accessorized' pages.  So with this concept in mind I created some pages with her paper and product.....


This page turned out to be one of my favorites - and not because Jack is one of my favs (most of the time).  Moms are allowed to have favorites and admitting it is okay, too.  I used Ta-Da's paper from the Whirly Gig line called Kennebunkport.  I also used some of the Tag-A-Ma-Jigs to add embellishment.  Doesn't this page make Jack look like a star? 

This page is also one that made my favorites list.  I remember taking these pictures of Emma, my oldest daughter.  She had lost some key teeth that left one tooth just hanging in the middle like a bullseye.  Being the "Groovy Girl" that she is, she had to pose with attitude and funk.  It made the perfect subject for a page.  I used more Ta-Da paper called Curly Q.  This one might just have to get hung in her room!

One last page I have to share is the one pictured above.  This is the moment that crazy number 4 arrived in our lives.  I was so petrified about what number four would bring, but when the siblings met him, I was instantly at peace.  Can you see the love in Clare's eyes for little Joe?  PRICELESS.  Mary's papers truly make this moment special.  I used the Ta Da line called Daddy-O.

Hopefully this blog will hit the web and someone will want to listen to me.  You never know what will happen in my life.....I can write a book...or in this case a blog =)

Crazy Scrappin' Mom of Four - Marianne