Sunday, January 8, 2012

Snow Much Fun

I live in Phoenix, Arizona and I am addicted to the warm weather!

There, I admitted it!  Today, January 8th, it will be 70 degrees.  I am in heaven.

With that said, in my eyes there is nothing wrong with a quick visit to WINTER.  After Christmas this year, we headed to Indiana.  It was a balmy 40 degrees most of the trip, but we did get one day where there was a dusting of snow.  It was beautiful and enjoyed by mt little men:

I have to give props to TaDa Creative Studios for amazing papers from their Frozen Tozen line that made this layout POP!  The colors of this collection are sublime and so great to work with.  In case you are just as in love with the papers as I am, here is what I used in my layout:
  • I roughed up the solid side of the Mosty Toasty paper - heavily on the left side where I was going to highlight it.
  • The reverse of the Mosty Toasty paper has fun lines that I used as part of my border on the left.
  • I used som ribbons I got at Hobby Lobby to accent the border and then went crazy with my circle punch on a variety of the Frozen Tozen papers.  I was sure to capture the adorable bird on his skis in one circle.
  • Next I edged the solid blue side of the Snow Plow paper for the big square.
  • I backed my pictures with a roughed Tree Farm paper.
  • Using my Cricut, I cut out the letters in the Mosty Toasty and Snippets background.
  • I love using portions of the Snippets to accent things - check out the border around my tag at the top, the box around my "L" at the bottom, and the snow hill broder around the bottom picture.
  • Never forget to use the stickers from the collections.  I used one in the middle of my "o" in "Snow" and in the center of my hand-cut snowflake.
Here are some closer views of my favorite parts of this layout:
Love, love, love how the birds on the sled turned out to accent the bottom picture!

L for LUKEN to brighten a spot on the corner

The highlight - making my own snowflake!