Friday, February 1, 2013

My SUPER GIFTED 5 year old =)

Those of you who know me well - must have laughed at the title I am using for my post.  Those of you who don't - I will explain.

I am a firm believer that all kids are gifted in some way.  I am not a huge supporter of the gifted testing, labeling, and classes that go on in our local schools (as you will definitely know by the end of this post).  Some reading this may say, "She is just jealous that her kids didn't qualify!"  Maybe that is a bit true.....nah! 

I never had my first child tested and last year allowed my second to be tested.  He didn't qualify.  When those scores came back I was like "What!?!?!?"  Those of you who know Jack must see what I see - he is strange, unique, super smart, and a way outside of the box thinker.  If that doesn't spell out gifted - what does?

Now Jack has entered third grade and aces everything that is put in front of him.  He has "gifted" students in his class that ask him to do their math for them.  Really???

Now maybe you see my side a little bit clearer after that example...maybe??  All kids are gifted in my eyes.  So, putting a label on them, giving them extra work, and making them leave their class to go to another room for the "Smart" kids only - is not going to make a kid any better than my child.  PERIOD.

I am going to get to my point about my title....but first another tangent:
  • My daughter Emma who is 11 and in sixth grade may not get all A's (not that she isn't capable), but put her in a pool or on a stage and that is where she will shine.  Just don't ask her to spell or multiply while doing it.
  • My son Jack who is nine and in the third grade may not be able to tie his shoes as well as everyone else, but he is one of the best mathematicians and artists I know.  Also watch out for him in the middle lanes of the pool as well.
  • My next daughter Clare who is 6 and in the first grade may not be able to add without counting on her fingers, but give her a book and she can read almost anything.
Now back to the title.....My littlest, Joseph, is in preschool.  I had a conference with his teacher about how he is doing and his readiness for Kindergarten.  Both teachers on two separate days said to me how super smart he is, that he should be in Kindergarten now, and that they think he may be gifted!  Ladies - he is five!  I was so happy for him, but does that mean I will make sure he is tested next year so that he can get all that extra work and "recognition"....NO!

Joseph is a tolerant and amazing boy who will learn more from being around his peers that are all at varying levels than with a group of kids who are all "gifted".  We don't go through life with only "gifted" people around us all day long.  So I will clink my glass in honor of my "smart" and "gifted" kids (all four of them in my eyes) and then send them off to their traditional classrooms.  He and his siblings will be better off for it in the long me!

My opinion,