Saturday, May 1, 2010

THE Communion Banner

Well, as long as I am updating my craftiness, I should include the craft of all crafts.....

Emma's Communion Banner:

So it may not be as crafty as it could have been, but I couldn't outshine everyone there =)

I used a placemat I found on clearance at Kohls.  Then Emma and I ran to the craft store to find things she wanted on her banner.  We made the chalice by cutting out a cardboard template and covering it in fabric she chose.  For the host, we used foam that had a bit of sparkle to it.  When we headed over to the ribbon department, Emma stayed with the gold theme and found the fringe and jeweled ribbon.  The cross, dove, and letter are all iron ons.  The jewels at the tabs are brads from my collection. 

The first thing Emma wanted to know is why all of her siblings' names were on the banner?  Truthfully, I was afraid I would lose the letters if I did not place them on now =)

Sp to please her, we put three things that define her now and the date of her special day.  She chose swim goggles, a swim medal, and a peace sign.

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