Monday, March 14, 2011

What's new and groovy....

Tile, bottle cap, and tray pendants in a variety of themes and styles
Bottle caps with bails, tray pendants, and scrabble tiles with bails
This is a tray with crystal on a ribbon chain
Scrabble tile with crystal on a silver chain
Hair Flower - Fabric burnt at edges with sequins and beaded middle
Clipped Flower - Crochet middles available
Clipped Flowers - Fabric frayed our in petals with a button center
Clipped Flowers - Sequin sewn center
Small, medium and large clipped flowers in all colors and combinations
We are always willing to take orders for pendants and flowers.  Just send one of us an email and we can get you a price quote.  

Currently we are working on wedding and first communion flowers.  Please request a sneak peek if you are interested.

Also - come check us out atour next event.....
YMCA Strong Kid's Women's Outing
April 1st at 6:30
$20 a ticket for a fun night of shopping and BUNCO


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